KUMAM TOURIST HOME STAY By : Incredible Moirang

The first team to introduced the tourist  home stay services in the state Manipur. They are known for their services,  care and good hospitality to the guest.  They already hosted more than 100 + guest from all over the world .

Charges  : 
Rs 1000 per person per day ( includes  lunch,  dinner,  breakfast and evening tea) . Rs 500 extra will be charged on every extra person i.e 1500 for 2 persons and 2000 for 3 persons. 
Additional services available :
* local sightseeing tour 
* lunch tour at floating Hut loktak lake 
* day cycle tour
* cultural evening
  And many more

For Booking please call us on 
+91 8014921286
+91 7005608360
Email: sangairun@oorep.com
Maipakchao Family's Home Stay.
 1. Lodging per person per night including 3 meals a day  -Rs. 1200/-

 2. 50% concession for kids below 10 years.

Facilities available:

1. Visiting of floating huts with packed lunch - @Rs. 1800/- per trip

 ( from 2 to 6 persons) .

 Could enjoy the fishing techniques in the lake and experience the unique life style in floating huts.

2. Hiking to the top of Leimarel and Lainingthou Hill top to enjoy the panoramic views of Loktak Lake; Sunrise and Sunset views.

3. Visiting of Keibul Lamjao National Park, the only floating park in the world and home to endemic Sangai.

4. Visiting of INA war museum.

5. Visiting village to enjoy the village life and handicrafts etc.

Please Contact:

Maipakchao Singh

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