Mao 7K Run

Participation in the Mao 7K Run is open to all above the age of 12 years.

All finishers of the Mao 7K Run race category will get a Finisher Medal post their run on race day. Medals will not be posted to individual runners.

  • Race Cutoff Time / Course Limit
  • In order to qualify as an official 7K finisher, a runner must finish 7 km within the 1:30 Hrs course limit
  • After the stipulated cutoff times for each progressive km distance, the runner will be asked to either get into the sweep vehicle and receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) for the race or may be asked run on the footpath / sidewalk at their own risk as roads will have to be opened to the regular vehicular traffic. Please note course support (volunteers, entertainment, water, energy drinks, food or medical aid) and timing support cannot be ensured after the cut-off times

How to Apply

Click Here

Application Fees

The application fee payable is exclusively for your participation in the Sangai Run 2018- Mao 7K race category. 

Applicant Fee – INR 200

Prize Money

Coming Soon

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